Mechanical Engineer

Company Description:

Space Micro is a fast-paced satellite product company that is looking for candidates who thrive in an exciting and dynamic environment

Potential employees should have a mix of technical expertise and experience, and also be strongly motivated to achieve technical success on complex engineering projects. Equally as important at Space Micro is that we are looking for self-starting and self-directed candidates who can take a project or assignment and truly "own" it; they can direct themselves day-to-day and keep moving towards to a solution and/or product. The ability to multitask helps significantly since most employees will have a primary project assignment, but also be asked to consult on and review the work done on other projects at the company.

Space Micro has found that potential employees who are used to the large, multi-layered, slow, tech companies (that generate as much paper as they do products) will not truly be suitable for a career at Space Micro. If you like the idea of working on interesting projects, and seeing your work from the early "conceptual" stage through to product delivery, then Space Micro will be an interesting place for you to move forward with your career.

Position Description and Requirement:

  • 1. Mechanical Engineering design experience.-3-5 years.
  • 1.1. Directly designed enclosures of electronic assemblies (PCBA's), etc. or designed moderately complex mechanical component or systems.
    1.2. Strong understanding of engineering materials (steel, PCB materials, adhesives, solders, etc.)
    1.3. Thermal, shock and vibrational analysis experience with electronic or similar assemblies.
    1.4. Strong background in the knowledge of GD&T. 1.5. Familiar with electronic and electrical components (PCB's, connectors, BGA's, SMT components)
    1.6. Knowledge of space flight requirements and standards a definite advantage.
  • 2. Solidworks- Drafting, 3D Modelling, Design and Simulation- 5 Years Minimum
  • 2.1. Direct design and thermal, shock and vibration analysis experience using Solidworks.
    2.2. Possess good drafting, GD&T and documentation skills and knowledge using Solidworks.
  • 3. Manufacturing Knowledge and Experience
  • 3.1. Understanding of machining and mechanical assembly as it impacts design.
    3.2. Some direct machining experience (lathe, mill).
    3.3. Understanding of the manufacturing processes required for the design. Examples:
    3.3.1. Machining
    3.3.2. Solder assembly: reflow/manual
    3.3.3. Adhesive attachment: (e.g. silicones)
    3.3.4. PCB fabrication:
    3.3.5. Surface Protection: chemfilm, anodizing, conformal coat…
    3.4. Create Mechanical BOM’s
    3.4.1. Select proper materials (adhesives, overcoats, inks, etc) based on spaceflight
    requirements/restrictions and materials engineering knowledge.
    3.4.2. Select proper fasteners to meet space flight requirements.
    3.4.3. Select appropriate connectors for spaceflight enclosures both internal and external.
    3.5. Experience writing manufacturing instructions.
  • 4. Project Management
  • 4.1. Experience in the definition, cost/labor estimation and scheduling of tasks required for program support.
    4.2. Ability to manage mechanical engineering tasks for multiple programs to completion.
  • 5. Other
  • 5.1. Good verbal and written skills for interfacing with customers and team members.
    5.2. Ability to create and present engineering power points internally and for customers.
    5.3. Ability to work effectively in a leadership or support role on a multi-disciplinary project team.

All candidates must have a degree in Mechanical Engineering, or equivalent relevant experience.

All candidates must be US Citizens or Green Card Holders. Space Micro is an equal opportunity employer.