Space Micro Acquires New Manufacturing Equipment

San Diego, CA – June 28, 2013 Space Micro has recently invested in the following capital equipment: A Lead forming station, A Milling machine, FPGA programming stations, and a PIND tester.

The Manix lead forming system enables Space Micro to perform this process internally to save schedule and enhance control over expensive space qualified microelectronics. With the new milling machine Space Micro now has the capability to manufacture quick turn, low volume housings, frames, and other mechanical components. To continually improve its throughput, Space Micro has also added additional FPGA programming stations for both onetime programmable and reprogrammable logic devices. The PIND test station is used for Class B or Class S space parts upscreening and incoming inspection. In June 2013, the company is again expanding it's manufacturing and quality area in its San Diego facility by another 10% to meet demand for its affordable radiation hard space products.

“Space Micro is committed to providing affordable, high-quality, complex space and missile electronics products, so it is vital to our customers’ future success that we make intelligent capital investments. Our manufacturing, engineering, and quality teams are constantly evaluating the level of investment required to meet our customers' reliability requirements.” said Space Micro CEO, David J. Strobel.