Space Micro Congratulates SpaceIL for Israeli Lunar Lander Mission

San Diego, CA – May 6, 2019

Space Micro congratulates the SpaceIL team in their successful lunar mission this spring. In spite of a hard landing, the overall mission was the first by a non-government entity to land on the Moon. Space Micro’s communications subsystem was the only U.S. hardware on the Beresheet spacecraft.

Space Micro's CEO, David J. Strobel commented, "Space Micro is extremely proud to have been an integral part of the SpaceIL team for the mission critical S-Band lunar radio. This high performance software defined radio (SDR) worked flawlessly during launch, transit to moon, and landing, providing primary TT&C communications and data downlink through ground stations. We're all very happy to have been able to contribute to such an important mission and work with such a great Israeli team."