Space Micro Celebrates 1 Million Hours of Space Flight Heritage

San Diego, CA – June 6, 2019

Space Micro’s cumulative space flight heritage has now exceeded 1 million failure-free hours in various orbits: LEO, GEO, MEO, and lunar.

Space Micro calculates this data by tracking the number of operational hours that 34 satellite electronics units for 19 programs and missions spend in space. Among these programs are: Air Force TacSat 2, Navy TacSat 4, Air Force ORS-1, NASA IRIS, NASA LADEE, many DoD classified, NASA CRS, NASA TESS, DLR DESIS, SpaceIL's Beresheet, and several commercial space missions.

“Our space flight heritage encompasses virtually our entire broad product line of satellite computing, image processing, optical, guidance and navigation, and space radio systems,” said Space Micro’s CEO, David J. Strobel. "Our new and expanded manufacturing and production facility now enables Space Micro to meet the increased demand to support LEO constellations."