Space Micro awarded NASA contract to develop RF payload for SmallSats

San Diego, CA – January 15, 2020

Space Micro has been awarded a contract by NASA to develop a Radio Frequency (RF) payload for smallsats and CubeSats. The contract, “Hosted Communications Payload to Leverage Commercial LEO Constellations”, specifies research and development to design a communications payload in 1U CubeSat form factor that can survive in harsh space radiation environments.

“We are pleased to enter into this contract with NASA and work with the Langley Research Center (LaRC) to develop this RF payload that will support higher reliability and longer lifetime of NASA, DoD, and commercial space programs and missions,” said David J. Strobel, Space Micro CEO. “Space Micro is now seeing many more operational CubeSat missions in which availability and radiation tolerance is essential, and often not just in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). We are also seeing a new demand for U.S. domestic sourcing of space subsystems for certain U.S. Government agencies and programs.”