Space Micro Supports NASA Artemis Lunar Program with Space Cameras and Radios

San Diego, CA – April 30, 2020

Space Micro is supporting NASA and its prime contractors on the Artemis program, supplying highly reliable space radios and cameras. Most recently, Space Micro secured two contracts for cameras for two undisclosed customers to support their lunar program efforts. A radio order from a third Artemis contractor is expected next month.

A key factor in recent Artemis contract wins has been Space Micro’s lunar space flight heritage, including:

• NASA Ames' successful LADEE mission to the moon included a Space Micro S-Band SDR (uSTDN), with additional features such as ranging.
• SpaceIL's lunar lander, Beresheet, flew with Space Micro’s high-data-rate S-Band SDR transponder which sent critical data back to ground stations after collecting images and processing on board.

A view of the far side of the moon captured by the Beresheet lander during its lunar orbital insertion on
April 4, 2019.

Earlier this year, the White House requested a NASA budget for FY 2021 of $25.2 billion – a 12 percent increase over FY 2020 – of which $3.3 billion is slated for development of human landing systems for the Artemis moon program. Over 50 percent of the budget request, $12.3 billion, is devoted to projects targeting the return to the lunar surface and future flights to Mars.

“There are very few businesses who can claim they have flown multiple SDR communications to the moon. Space Micro is proud to be on several teams as a supplier of affordable, high-performance, radiation-hardened space radios, cameras, and processing in support of Artemis,” said David J. Strobel, Space Micro CEO. “Historically, we’ve been a key supplier of high-reliability subsystems to NASA on the major successful LADEE, IRIS, and TESS missions, as well as multiple CubeSat programs. Given the current administration’s fiscal push, and our lunar track record, we look forward to supporting many more.”