Space Micro Selected by NASA to Develop Technology Demonstrations for ISS

San Diego, CA – August 31, 2020

NASA announced that Space Micro was selected for two contracts to develop experiments for future deployment on the International Space Station (ISS).

The first technology demonstration concerns Space Micro’s advanced communication technology which is embedded in Nanocom™, its CubeSat format Ka-Band Software Defined Radio (SDR). The second experiment monitors space radiation effects in advanced processors, such as Space Micro’s next-generation Single Board Computers (SBC).

Following the initial study phases, Phase 2 involves development of the hardware and software to deliver to NASA for ISS deployment under the Materials on ISS Experiment - Flight Facility (MISSE-FF) program.

David J. Strobel, Space Micro CEO, commented, “We are very proud to have been selected by NASA under their competitive SBIR program to develop experiments for ISS. This is a unique opportunity to gain space operational heritage and compare radiation effects in orbit with ground test data and simulations. In addition, under the MISSE-FF program, these electronic subsystems will be returned to earth after six to twelve months in orbit.”