Space Micro Delivers High Performance Rad Hard CubeSat SBC

San Diego, CA – January 16th, 2014 Space Micro announced today that they have delivered their first CubeSat computer board to an unspecified DoD space customer. This 4 inch x 4 inch size enables use in either 1U and 3U CubeSat programs which require increased levels of radiation tolerance. Space Micro’s standard CubeSat computer is the Proton 200K lite, which is based on the flight proven P200-K single board computer utlizing a Texas Instruments DSP chip.

Space Micro's CEO David J. Strobel, commented, "Space Micro is witnessing a growing demand for CubeSat components, including this new processor card, which enable long life and radiation tolerance in orbits above Low Earth Orbit (LEO). Our Proton 200K lite fits within our growing radiation hardened space product line."