Space Micro Congratulates the LM/IRIS Team on Successful Launch

San Diego, CA – June 28, 2013 On Thursday June 27th at 7:27pm, EDT the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph spacecraft, or IRIS, began its $181 million mission to peer into the mysterious region around the sun where the temperatures dramatically escalate from the surface to the tumultuous atmosphere. IRIS will scan across the sun to construct data over a range of heights, temperatures and densities in the solar atmosphere to further understand the solar effects.

Space Micro's CEO, David J. Strobel commented, "Space Micro is extremely proud to have been selected by the LM team for the mission critical S-Band Transponders and X-Band Transmitters. I've been told that our radios on the IRIS satellite are functioning well, so we're all just very glad to have been given this opportunity to have contributed to such an important scientific mission."