Space Micro Licenses Reconfigurable Microwave Chip Technology

San Diego, CA – August 13, 2014 Space Micro announced they have signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Okika Technologies Corp. (OTC) for them to use and apply their patented Field Programmable Microwave Array (FPMA) technology and designs, and take that product to market, for both commercial and military/space applications.

Space Micro's CEO, David J. Strobel, commented, "This license is expected to enable more rapid development of RF functional block microcircuits through software implementations. Since Space Micro is focusing on the board and box business for space and missiles, this will enable us to better expand our penetration in those target markets.”

Mr. William Staunton, CEO of Okika Technologies, added “We are pleased to work with Space Micro in bringing this innovative technology to maturity and the world market”.

Mr. Staunton was previously CEO at Ramtron International, an OEM and IP developer for Ferroelectric Memory (FRAM) products.