Space Micro Introduces µXTx-200 Wideband Transmitter

San Diego, CA – March 4, 2015 Space Micro is pleased to announce the introduction of their latest RF space communications product, the µXTx-200 Wide Band X-Band Transmitter (WBXBT). It is based on a derivative of their industry-leading Ka-Band transmitter, which recently passed both Tracking Data Relay Satellite System (TDRSS) compatibility testing at Goddard Space Flight Center and Deep Space Network (DSN) compatibility testing at JPL.

"This new product provides the space industry a high performance solution for X-Band High Data Rate Payload Transmitters and complements our affordable, radiation-hardened, RF space communications product line which includes TT&C Transponders and X/Ku/Ka Band Mission Data Transmitters as well as custom products", stated Paul Brammer, VP of Business Development.

“Our WBXBT is frequency agile over the entire band and offers data rates from hundreds of Megabits to over a Gigabit and up to 10 watts of output power in a radiation hard solution”, said Product line manager, Neal Nicholson. For a full data sheet and price/delivery information contact Space Micro at