Space Micro Completes Delivery of RF Beacons for SMC’s COSMIC-2

San Diego, CA – July 20, 2015 Space Micro announced that they have delivered six RF beacons to UCAR for the COSMIC-2 program. COSMIC-2 is a joint US-Taiwanese space weather satellite, with both AFRL and SMC. The RF beacons were designed in collaboration with the Stanford Research Institute of Menlo Park, CA. Under the contract issued by University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR), Boulder CO, Space Micro’s primary role was to manufacture and test the RF beacons under very tight timelines.

Space Micro's VP of Engineering Michael Jacox, commented, "Our on-time delivery of six space qualified RF beacons was a concerted manufacturing and test team effort over the past 8 months. The entire Space Micro team is proud to be an integral part of this international space program."

Dave Ector, UCAR’s program manager, commented “UCAR and the AFRL/SMC program team are very pleased with the recent Space Micro RF Beacon deliveries for COSMIC-2. The dedicated Space Micro team led by Mike Jacox was highly focused for meeting on-time deliveries and went the extra mile to ensure program success”.