Space Micro Congratulates the NASA Ames on LADEE Satellite Launch

San Diego, CA – September 7, 2013 On Friday September 6th at 11:27 pm, EDT the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer Satellite (LADEE) was successfully launched on a Minotaur V Rocket, beginning its 2.5 month mission to lunar orbit. The scientific objectives of the mission are to: Determine the composition of the lunar atmosphere and the processes that control its distribution and variability. Characterize the lunar exospheric dust environment.

Space Micro's CEO, David J. Strobel commented, "Space Micro is extremely proud to have been selected by the NASA AMES team for the mission critical S-Band Transponder. This high performance software defined radio has worked flawlessly since launch, providing primary TT&C communications through TDRSS, DSN and STDN ground stations. We're all very happy to have been able to contribute to such an important mission and work with such a great team."