Space Micro Sponsors UCSD Satellite Team

San Diego, CA – May 31, 2016 Space Micro announced today that they have joined the UCSD SEDS team as a sponsor to advise on space technologies and electronics subsystems. SEDS fosters innovation in a variety of skill building fields for space. At UCSD, students are developing both CubeSat spacecraft and 3-D printed rocker engines. Already, Space Micro has several UCSD SEDS interns and full time employees.

Space Micro's CEO David J. Strobel, expressing his pleasure with this new membership, commented, "Space Micro is at the forefront of advanced space electronics technology, including CubeSat components and subsystems. SEDS provides a vehicle to demonstrate our novel space products with student CubeSat projects.”

Space Micro has engaged with a student-based group, Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) at the University of California, San Diego. This engagement offers a valuable set of advisors for the SEDS@UCSD team as well as greatly bolsters the group's chance at winning the NASA Cube Quest, with a combined prize amount of $3 million dollars.

In addition to offering advice, Space Micro has offered the student group a discount on parts required to build the CubeSat. These discounted parts will help us immensely with the ability of the building the lunar satellite.

“We are very excited to be working with Space Micro, and to effectively compete in the NASA CubeQuest competition” stated UCSD SEDS lead, Mr. Darren Charrier.