Space Micro Delivers CubeSat Processors for Commercial Space Program

San Diego, CA – August 8, 2017 Space Micro announced that they have delivered two flight units of their CubeSat Space Processor (CSP) single board flight computer to an undisclosed customer in support of a commercial space program.

Space Micro’s CSP represents affordable rad hard processing in a 1U CubeSat format, which is based on the Xilinx ZynQ system on a chip (SOC), with dual ARM cores and FPGA fabric.

Space Micro is now in full production of CSP for multiple space programs, including lunar, GEO, and LEO applications, and has been delivered to multiple U.S and international space programs.

Space Micro's CEO, David J. Strobel, commented, "This delivery demonstrates the growing need for highly reliable and radiation tolerant CubeSat processing at affordable prices from a space qualified supplier.”