US-based Space Micro Inc. and Israel-based NSLComm Ltd. Awarded Grant to Develop High-Throughput Communications for Nanosatellites (N-HTS)

San Diego, CA – April 25 2018

United States-based Space Micro Inc. and Israel-based NSLComm Ltd. were awarded nearly $500,000 toward a joint project to develop high-bandwidth communication modules for high-throughput nanosatellites (N-HTS).

The partnership is one of nine U.S.-Israel teams working together for technology development through the Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation. The BIRD Foundation awarded a total of $7.75 million in funding to the projects, with potential access to over $10 million in private sector funding.

“NSLCOMM are delighted to team up with the experienced group from Space Micro and to join forces as go-to market partners,” said NSLComm CEO Dr. Raz Itzhaki-Tamir. “Together with Space Micro’s radio systems and NSLComm’s high-capacity flexible space antenna technology, we can provide a unique product to be introduced to the US commercial and Government customers, which are already identified by both parties; meetings are already taking place and we hope to announce a U.S. based project in the near future.”

“We are pleased to work with our Israeli partner to jointly develop a low-cost nanosat/CubeSat communications system that combines the core competencies of our two companies,” said Space Micro CEO David J. Strobel.

The project began in March 2018 and will continue for two years.