Space Micro to Lead Panel on COTS in Space at Satellite Innovation Forum

San Diego, CA – October 1, 2018

Space Micro’s CEO will moderate and lead a panel at the Satellite Innovation Workshop on October 8, 2018.

Mr. David Strobel, CEO of Space Micro, will lead the panel discussion on “COTS implementation considerations for space.”

Mr. Strobel commented, “Today’s cost constrained and high performance new space systems will need to intelligently apply an increased use of commercial off the shelf (COTS) components to achieve their price points. The key is how to achieve this without sacrificing reliability in orbit. Both DoD and commercial space programs need a faster ‘speed’ and pace, and can no longer tolerate long parts lead times.”

With government and satellite operators expressing their wish for satellites to be designed and produced faster and cheaper, the pressure on manufacturers intensifies. Are COTS products the answer? What innovative new tools enhance manufacturing processes? COTS providers are finding a new role in space and terrestrial hardware as the demand to control costs escalates. How are manufacturers working with COTS providers and how are COTS providers adapting to new demands? The DoD emphasis on using commercial components led to the discovery that many of these components are not suitable for military and space systems. What becomes necessary is costly testing, uprating, up-screening and protection from temperature extremes and radiation levels. Some of the newer designs, materials and quality will not successfully operate in the space or military environment. We examine what efforts are being expended to assure that performance is adequate. This workshop will be a comprehensive summary addressing the successful innovative practices for the use of COTS components.

His presenters and panelists include:

Bernd Lienhard
Chief Executive Officer
Vorago Technologies

Dan Orban
Orban Microwave

Dr. Jonathan Pellish
NASA EEE Parts Manager, Engineering Directorate
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Dr. Allyson D. Yarbrough
Principal Engineer, Electronics and Sensors Division
The Aerospace Corporation

Satellite Innovation 2018 has emerged as a premier meeting place for innovative Satellite Executives and Professionals. A focus on imminent changes and market forces that will guide their implementation has attracted a confluence of established market leaders and pioneers of the shifting landscape of SatCom.