Space Micro’s Space Communications Electronics on the Way to the Moon Again

San Diego, CA – February 22, 2019

Space Micro is very pleased to be an integral and critical part of the SpaceIL Israeli lunar mission. The lander is called Beresheet, the Hebrew word for “Genesis,” and it is the creation of an Israeli nonprofit called SpaceIL.

On February 21, SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket containing SpaceIL's lunar lander, the first private mission to the Moon. If the landing is successful, the SpaceIL, a nonprofit, will join three government organizations as one of four total groups to ever land on the Moon.

Space Micro’s high data rate S-Band SDR transceiver is sending critical data back to ground stations, after collecting images and processing on board SpaceIL's Beresheet spacecraft. The SDR for SpaceIL's lunar mission is a modification of Space Micro’s standard product, which features radiation tolerance, high reliability, low SWaP, and, in this case, added ranging.

“Mission success is always our priority at Space Micro,” said Space Micro’s CEO, Dave Strobel. “Working with our customer, SpaceIL, to ensure their bus and spacecraft operates with our S-Band software defined radio (SDR) system speaks to our core value of teamwork.”

“Our spacecraft electronics now are going to the Moon for the second time, with the first being the highly successful NASA LADEE mission which also flew our S-band Software Defined Radio.”