Digital/Avionics Systems

Space Micro offers a full suite of Digital Computing Products, peripherals and custom imaging products. This was followed by development of the Proton 200k, 300k, and now 400k series computers; as well as the popular ProtonX-Box Avionics Suite, which features various peripheral digital slices in the PCI-104 format. Space Micro also provides a custom Image Processing System which utilizes our P200K SBC, packaged with other custom designs. The IPC-5000 was launched on ORS-1 in June 2011 and continues to receive very positive feedback. We've also developed a hosted payload interface unit (HPIU) which leverages development work from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) F6 Technology Package.

  • ProtonX-Box™

    A reconfigurable, adaptable and modular avionics suite comprised of various peripheral "slices" packaged with our high performance Proton computers. Its modularity can be provided in a variety of standards, including cPCI (3U/6U), PCI-104, and PCI-104S.

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  • Proton2x-Box™

    Space Micro's Proton2X-Box offers a modular hardware and software platform that provides high-performance processing, data storage, input/output control and power management capabilities, along with an architecture that enables adaptation to easily meet and exceed nearly all satellite mission objectives.
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