Guidance and Navigation

Space Micro offers a high performance line of Star Trackers and Sun Sensors, which utilize flight-tested components and proven radiation mitigation techniques. These products are designed to support precise spacecraft attitude determination, and can be customized for specific orbit and mission life.

  • 5MP Space Camera

    A 5 megapixel space qualified camera with a 2560 pixels by 2160 active array size capable of up to 100 fps (RS) and 50 fps (GS). Suitable for Earth imaging or space situation awareness.

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  • 4K Space Camera

    A 12 megapixel space qualified camera with a 4096 pixels by 3072 line frame capable of up to 24 frames per second. Suitable for Earth observation or space situation awareness.

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  • µSTAR™ Star Tracker

    A family of radiation hardened, stellar attitude determination systems, offering medium-to-high accuracy and an update from of 1 to 10Hz.
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  • MIST

    A compact, low-cost radiation hardened stellar attitude determination system. Designed for SmallSat/CubeSat missions. The MIST utilizes radiation hardened electronics, flight-proven software/firmware, and high-performance baffle and optics.
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  • Coarse Sun Sensors

    A low-cost, single-axis coarse sun sensor, with front or back-mounting optics options available.
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  • Medium Sun Sensors

    A low-cost, two-axis, medium-resolution sun sensor, with two baffle sizes available.
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