Laser Communication Terminals

Space Micro designs and manufactures high-performance, cutting-edge Communications Systems including our revolutionary Laser Communication Terminals, featuring data rates of up to 100 Gbps – the highest satcom data rate available industry-wide.

  • µLCT™ 100 Laser Communication Terminal

    A 100 Gbps laser communication terminal based on space-qualified, Telcordia-grade 1550 nm telecom components. The µLCT™ 100 boasts a SEL threshold of >60 MeV-cm2/mg, SEFI immunity, and 30 krads(Si) total ionizing dose tolerance, with the option of reaching up to 100 krads(Si). Space Micro’s µLCT 100 is a complete solution comprised of an optical modem, optical power amplifiers, point, acquisition and tracking (PAT) electronics and an optical head. The µLCT 100 can be used as an Optical Inter-Satellite Link (OISL), a spacecraft to ground link or a spacecraft to UAV link.

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  • µLCT™ 10 Laser Communication Terminal

    The µLCT 10 Laser Communication Terminal is a lower data rate variant of the µLCT 100.

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