we've been on a mission to succeed.

Space Micro is an engineering-driven small business focused on technology advancement for high-reliability satellite subsystems. We've garnered a hard-earned reputation based on our innovative, affordable, high-performance communications, digital, and electro-optic systems, as well as our ability to leverage commercial technologies to meet military and space requirements.

Founded in 2002, Space Micro marks David Strobel and David Czajkowski's second entrepreneurial venture following the sale of their first company, Space Electronics, Inc., to Maxwell Technologies. Their dauntless determination and enthusiasm have fueled Space Micro's engineering of game-changing technologies, such as the µLCT™ 100 Laser Communication Terminal with a phenomenal SatCom data rate of 100 Gbps.

Our flawless space flight heritage of millions of hours, coupled with our Technology Readiness Level (TRL), helps us support aerospace primes, government and civil agencies, commercial entities and New Space ventures around the globe.

A few of our firsts and other notable accomplishments:

Our first computer and image-processing subsystem in space (2006) was within 4 years of our founding in 2002
Our first advanced Software Defined Radios (SDRs) were developed for, and flown on, NASA IRIS, LADEE, and TESS
We've delivered four spacecraft (3U CubeSats) with RF payloads for multiple DoD customers
We are a key supplier to many lunar missions ranging from NASA LADEE, Google Lunar X Prize (Beresheet), and NASA Artemis programs
And a major first… we have the world's highest data rate Laser Communications Terminal in orbit