Camera Software Engineer

Job Summary:

As a Camera Software Engineer, you will help analyze, design and test space camera systems for precision attitude determination, low light observation and vision-based navigation for commercial, military and NASA missions. The position requires a knowledge of focal plane arrays and typical sources of noise in camera systems. The work includes development and refinement of Matlab modeling tools for camera performance prediction, laboratory testing to benchmark models, automated testing scripts for camera calibration and conducting lab and outdoor tests of prototypes and engineering grade units. This job also includes writing test procedures for camera verification and software to automate the acquisition of key parameters. It also includes developing camera concepts and analysis for proposals as well as supporting tests of deliverable space cameras.


  • Maintain updates to camera modeling in Matlab including SNR performance as a function of exposure time and apertures based on all noise parameters.
  • Development of algorithms to improve vision-based guidance and navigation from pixel information.
  • Perform space camera calibration and testing.
  • Identify and document techniques to verify camera requirements through analysis and testing
  • Work independently in a clean room environment
  • Create software routines and scripts to support in-house testing by technicians
  • Operate lab equipment including lasers, collimators, opto-mechanical precision fixtures and data collection systems

Required Skills/Abilities:

  • 3+ years' experience with Matlab programming specifically with camera performance and vision tools
  • 3+ years of experience of designing, implementing, and running image quality test protocols, performing data analysis, and generating reports.
  • Knowledge of digital imaging principles and detector behaviors, and noise sources.
  • Ability to program in C, C++ and Python
  • Experience with optical alignment, laser operations and data acquisition systems
  • Background in celestial observation and navigation is preferred

Education and Experience:

  • BS/MS/Ph.D. in Optics, Physics, Electrical Engineering, Imaging Science or equivalent

Please submit resumes in PDF format via email to:

All candidates must be U.S. Citizens or Permanent U.S. Residents. Space Micro is an equal opportunity employer.