Our modern 43,000 sq.ft. facility is located in Northern San Diego, and contains office space, prototype labs, and production workspace. These areas include digital and RF labs, lasercom lab, optical camera lab, machine shop, four class 10,000 clean rooms, and assorted environmental test equipment used for our space product testing and qualification. Our facility provides the means to accomplish design, testing, qualification, and approval, all under one roof. In addition, we maintain an excellent suite of software development tools, including C compilers, MATLAB, assembly compilers, Model SIMs, FPGAs, and PC layout tools.

We perform radiation testing (both SEE and total dose) at a number of facilities which include UC Davis, UC Berkeley, BNL, AFRL, Raytheon, Texas A&M, and DMEA. Our radiation test team performs pretest equipment checkout in San Diego, then transports and completes part characterization at the selected facility.

Space Micro, and our subcontractors own and operate the equipment, instrumentation, lab benches, clean rooms, and physical facilities necessary to achieve our technical objectives. Calibrated lab benches, logic analyzers, power supplies, oscilloscopes, and meters are available as required.