Space Micro Announces Qualification of the µSTAR Star Tracker

San Diego, CA – April 9, 2015 Space Micro is pleased to announce the completion of their µSTAR star tracker qualification program. The full product qualification featured standard environmental tests as well as extended night-sky validation.

"The µSTAR star tracker provides the space industry a high performance and low cost domestic solution. This modular system features digital processing electronics from our ProtonX-Box Avionics Suite, flight proven imager and optics, and extremely robust software/firmware.", stated Paul Brammer, VP of Business Development.

“Our µSTAR product line addresses the entire range of mission applications and supports all orbit profiles and EEE parts requirements. From the cubesat targeted miniature integrated star tracker (MIST), to the high performance radiation hardened µSTAR product, Space Micro can provide a strong low-cost solution manufactured and tested in our new dedicated star tracker clean room”, said Mike Jacox, VP of Engineering. For a full data sheet, demonstration and price/delivery information contact Space Micro at