Space Micro Introduces µLCT™ 100 Gpbs Lasercom Terminal

San Diego, CA – April 8, 2017 Space Micro Inc. introduced today its µLCT™ 100 Gpbs Lasercom Terminal. The µLCT™ is suitable for LEO constellation cross links as well as GEO satellite up and down links.

The µLCT™ is based on space qualified commercial 1550 ns telecom components. The µLCT™ has a SEL threshold of > 60 MeV-cm 2 /mg, is SEFI immune and has a 30 krad(Si) total dose tolerance with an option of reaching 100 krad(Si). The µLCT™ includes Space Micro’s high efficiency model, point and track electronics, the optical pointing assembly and temperature compensated fiber collimating optics.

“We are pleased to be able to offer the state-of- the-art lasercom terminal intended for radiation hardened satellite applications,” said David Czajkowski, Space Micro’s President and COO. “Space Micro is committed to supporting the satellite communication industry with the highest performance products, which we believe the µLCT™ clearly demonstrates.”

Space Micro is exhibiting this week at the National Space Symposium in Colorado Spring, CO. Please stop by booth 1241 to learn more about Space Micro’s new, state of the art µLCT-100 Gpbs Lasercom Terminal.