Space Micro Introduces 5MP Space Camera

San Diego, CA – March 5, 2018

Space Micro Inc. announced it is introducing the 5MP Space Camera as part of its Guidance and Navigation product line.

The 5MP Space Camera builds on the legacy µSTAR Tracker Camera Head Unit (CHU) in the same flight-qualified mechanical configuration, while integrating a 5 Megapixel scientific CMOS Imager. The 5MP Space Camera offers a very low read noise of less than 2 e- RMS in the Rolling Shutter mode and less than 5 e- in the Global Shutter mode with frame rates as high as 100fps. Multiple space heritage radiation-hardened glass designs are available. Standard optical lens’ field of view options are 12°, 29°, 39°, and 80°. Space Micro also offers custom lens designs tailored to meet mission needs. A low SWAP solution, the 5MP Space Camera is suitable for both small and large satellites. The maximum power dissipation is 4 W and mass is less than 1kg.

“This product’s low read noise, high resolution, and radiation-tolerant design make it one of the best in industry, particularly for Space Situational Awareness (SSA), Planetary Exploration, and Star Tracking,” said Michael Jacox, Space Micro’s vice president of engineering.

The 5MP Space Camera is Space Micro’s latest addition to their Guidance and Navigation line, which includes heritage µSTAR Tracker, 4k Space Camera, and Coarse and Medium Sun Sensors. More information about the product can be found in the 5MP Space Camera data sheet.