Space Micro Delivers High-Reliability SmallSat Payloads

San Diego, CA – April 18, 2018

Space Micro has gained a reputation for their high-reliability, radiation-hardened boards (e.g. SBCs) and boxes as communications, GNC, and avionics/image processing solutions. Now, increasing DOD and NASA needs for more advanced and affordable payloads have enabled the company to provide entire space payloads for smallsat missions.

The company has already delivered an entire 3U CubeSat and payload to one US government customer, and is on track to deliver three more CubeSats with advanced RF payloads in late 2018, plus two additional CubeSats with payloads in 2019. In addition, a NewSpace venture capital-based commercial space customer procured two RF payloads from Space Micro for delivery in 2018 and launch in 2019.

“Our sweet spot is for smallsat payloads with a 1-8 year lifetime, which match the new DOD space architecture,” said CEO David J. Strobel. “This provides a technology refresh with faster cadence.”

Space Micro has been able to leverage over $50M of government R&D investment and their deliveries to over 20 space programs, as well as 500,000 hours of existing space-flight heritage toward these new ventures.