Space Micro to Attend Small Satellite Conference

San Diego, CA – July 28, 2018
Space Micro Inc. will be attending the 32nd Small Satellite Conference in Logan, Utah from August 4 - 9, 2018.

Space Micro is an engineering-driven supplier of affordable, high-performance, radiation-hardened communications, guidance and navigation, and digital systems. Space Micro’s solutions, which include TT&C transmitters, mission data transmitters, star trackers, image processors and C&DH systems, are used in commercial, civil, and military applications around the world. Space Micro’s solutions are compatible with a variety of spacecraft sizes.

Our subject matter experts in CubeSats & the CSP (Project Manager Kate Conway), communications (CTO Bert Vermeire), and guidance and navigation (Vice President of Engineering Mike Jacox) will be in attendance to discuss our range of high performance radiation tolerant products including:

  • • µSDR™ - A small form factor software defined radio configurable for S, X and Ka-Bands
  • • MIST™ - A small form factor two camera star tracker
  • • CSP - A 10cm x 10cm single board computer based on Xilinx®'s Zynq®-7020 SoC

Visit us at booth #19 in the Taggart Student Center to learn more, or contact Janice Franklin (858-332-0700 or in advance to set up a meeting. We look forward to seeing you there!