NASA TESS Mission Success Enabled by Space Micro’s Ka-Band Data Transmitter System

San Diego, CA – September 17, 2018

Space Micro is pleased to be an integral and critical part of NASA’s TESS “planet finder” mission.

Space Micro’s 100Mbps high data rate Ka-Band SDR is sending critical data back to NASA ground stations, after collecting images and processing on board TESS.

The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, or TESS, is seeking out planets around nearby stars. The TESS mission will spend the next two years monitoring the nearest and brightest stars for periodic dips in light. These dips, called transits, suggest a planet may be passing in front of its star. NASA believes TESS could potentially find thousands of planets using the method.

“Mission success is always our priority at Space Micro,” said Space Micro’s CEO, Dave Strobel. “Working with our customers, both NASA and Orbital Sciences, to ensure their bus and spacecraft operates with our Ka-Band data transmitter system speaks to our core value of teamwork.”

“The first commercial operation for our Ka-band transmitter is a significant milestone for Space Micro,” added Strobel. “This 100Mbps high data rate Ka-band SDR technology can greatly increase the revenue-generating potential of commercial constellation satellites, whose business case only closes by selling more downlinked data to users”