Digital Slices

Space Micro offers an array of versatile digital slices, which are perfectly suited for modular SBCs, missiles, and other space avionics applications.

  • CSP - Cubesat Space Processor

    A CubeSat-compatible, radiation tolerant, single board computer that utilizes an ARM-based, dual-core Xilinx Zynq processor, plus FPGA fabric.
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  • Power Switch Slice

    The Power Switch Card is a radiation tolerant board that provides control over switched voltage loads.
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  • Proton200k™ - DSP-based SBC

    A radiation hardened DSP-based high performance processor with a speed of up to 4000 MIPS that supports C&DH, Payload and other satellite control applications and is available in fixed or floating point calculation as well as various form factors.

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  • Proton200k-L™ - CubeSat SBC

    The Proton 200kTM Lite is based on the flight-proven P200k DSP Processor retaining many of the heritage design features in a standard CubeSat form factor.
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  • Proton300k™ - Reconfigurable SBC

    An FPGA-based reconfigurable computer system comprised of multiple FPGAs, the number and type of which can be selected by the customer. The popular PCI-104S format can utilize either the Xilinx Actel RTAX or Virtex series FPGAs.
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  • Proton400k™ - Multicore Payload Processing SBC

    A high-performance, low-power, radiation hardened processing solution that utilizes an advanced 45nm dual-core Freescale microprocessor.
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